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A partial truckload is the type of shipment which may not require the use of the full truckload trailer. This type of truckload mainly involves shipments over 5,000 pounds.

Benefits of the partial truckload to know about

Some of the benefits of the partial truckload are mentioned below:

  1. Partial truckload type of shipping mainly allows the freight to stay on a single truck for the entire period of the transit. When a single truck is involved, the freight is mainly loaded as well as unloaded single time. This mainly indicates less handling as well as quicker transit time.
  2. The freight class is not needed for partial truckload shipping. This mainly can help someone in avoiding some of the extra charges which are being associated with freight reclassification if something happens to get it wrong.
  3. When the merchandise to be handled is less, then there is less chance for damage. This type of truckload is mainly ideal for the type of shipments which is mainly prone to be damaged during loading as well as unloading.

The time for choosing the partial truckload

  1. If someone’s freight is light but mainly takes up a lot of space, this type of truckload may be the better option in comparison to LTL.
  2. A partial truckload is a good option if someone is concerned about the freight damage. Less amount of handling mainly reduces the chances of the cargo being damaged during transit.

These are some of the important aspects to know about partial truckload.